Animal Collective Man Of Oil Lyrics

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Animal Collective Man Of Oil Lyrics. Like a window that blew open let the sunlight and fresh air in from the woodwork psych the structure cold and rigid and too tame you burst “my head on your queasy stomach” as in he is lying with his head on the earth, and “floating.

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My head on your queasy stomach. This one has that kind of looseness to it with the lyrics, and not having this defined chorus. Peaceful songs we'll get along if we lead 'em together in the armory.

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Primero que nada les menciono que la canción man of oil es de animal collective pero no pude descargar la versión original entonces les puse un cover, pero a. To me this is what was missing most from painting with, it lacked any kind of interesting structure to the songs. Peaceful songs / will get along / if we leave 'em together in the armory / on my knees / my head on your queasy stomach / can not keep my chin up / i woke to sweats in the night Someday i'll grow to be as tall as the giant.