Artic Wolf Animal Jam

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Artic Wolf Animal Jam. Juno was first seen as a statue at the aj birthday party and has yet to make an appearance in the adventures. Switch the colors to make it truly yours.a.

Animal Jam Arctic Wolf Wallpaper (70+ images)
Animal Jam Arctic Wolf Wallpaper (70+ images) from

Btw that last answer is called buying a membership witch cost money if you want a artic wolf just go on google and type in ''how to get a free artic wolf on animal jam'' then scroll through the answers till you find the website or vid you want! It works for even non members please buddy me, like, and subscribe!!! It was originally released on september 15, 2019, as a pack gift in any of the pack hideouts.

Animal Jam Arctic Wolf Wallpaper (70+ images)

I did a lot of price shopping this year, and for the animal jam toys, amazon beat out the big box stores on price. The arctic wolf cave is a two floored ice cave with translucent crystals. Juno is the alpha of the arctic wolves. It plays 3 different songs, from the game, that she recognizes.