Who Plays Boris The Animal In Mib 3

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Who Plays Boris The Animal In Mib 3. [boris continues shooting spikes until j and k fall off of the roof] boris the animal : He is an intergalactic criminal and the last known member of the boglodite race, as well as their presumed leader.

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Basically, boris’ entire body seems to be made of teeth, and its only in his final encounter with k does he. Lilly is portrayed by american singer nicole scherzinger. In 2011, he voiced nigel in rio, and in 2012 he appeared as the primary antagonist boris the animal in men in black 3.

» DVD Review Men In Black III

K is grumpy because his retirement and love life keep getting interrupted. Men in black 3 movie clips: Boris the animal is a vicious sociopath who will kill anyone or anything to complete his goal, including allies like nicole scherzinger's girlfriend, who breaks him out of prison in the first place. The plot of men in black 3 revolves around jemaine clement's villain boris the animal seeking revenge on k for his arrest 40 years previously.